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Bonus One Debit Card Rewards
From airline travel to luxury merchandise and gift cards from top retailers and restaurants, your cardholders can earn purchase rewards by using their debit cards — for both signature and PIN-based transactions. Offering reward incentives delivers two advantages to you: Motivation to increase debit card use. Motivation to purchase higher-ticket items. The reward program is easily customizable to your credit union’s brand. And, your customers can get top-notch customer service via Internet or phone.

Debit Holds
Debit Holds allows the available savings balance to be affected on CUBE when Visa Check and MasterMoney debit card transactions are approved instead of when Fiserv EFT sends the settlement or reversal transaction to CUBE. CUBE places a hold for each authorized merchant debit transaction and the accumulated total is used in calculating the available savings balance. The transaction is posted to the actual savings balance when the merchant releases the item to Visa Check or MasterMoney and CUBE receives the settlement or reversal transaction from Fiserv EFT. The debit hold is released and removed, or flagged as an exception item, when the settlement or reversal transaction is received by CUBE or the specified debit hold days have been exceeded.

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