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Consumer and commercial CredIT™ Card Process ing Services IntegraSys has teamed with Fiserv Credit Processing Services (CPS) to deliver a comprehensive credit card program that gives you the flexibility and control necessary to expand your member reach through your own customized portfolio of card services. With IntegraSys, you can offer:
  • Flexible consumer and commercial card programs
  • Merchant processing
  • Online, real-time program management
  • Consumer and commercial card programs. Choose the card types and plans that best fit your members’ needs. We offer both consumer and commercial card processing solutions and can support up to 99 simultaneous plans, including cash-back and points reward programs. We also provide BIN sponsorship, optional 24x7 member service, and full card production support.
  • Merchant processing. Leverage established connections to cash-advance terminals, merchant terminals, and processing for Visa, MasterCard, Discover,® and American Express.®
  • Online, real-time program management. Offer your members online, real-time solution account management through our dedicated card program management tool, PlusExpress. Our card processing solutions are fully integrated with IntegraSys core systems to provide up-to-the-minute information on account balances, payments, and card processing data. An optional cardholder maintenance feature lets members manage accounts via the Virtual Branch® home banking system.
Increase revenue, improve member growth and reduce back-office credit card program administration expense with IntegraSys CredIT™ Card Processing Services. CredIT Card Processing Services provides the following features and benefits:
  • Expand your member reach and boost sales with a customized portfolio of card services.
  • Access card industry experts for card plan strategies.
  • Implement new card plans, and make changes to existing card plans with speed and accuracy.
  • Defend your cardholders against predatory offers with real-time rate management capabilities.
  • Track and measure business performance with daily portfolio analysis reports.
  • Improve member relationships with flexible card options, including variable billing cycles, temporary credit limits, and household billing statements.
  • Expand your card portfolio to include up to 99 simultaneous consumer, business and commercial card plans.
  • Increase cardholder usage and member retention as a result of adding a Cash-Back and/or PlusOne points rewards program.
Credit Card Integration
CUBE currently supports Credit Card Integration with several well known card processors such as Fiserv’s CredIT Card Processing Services, FDR and Certegy. CUBE can accept credit card payments through the Teller Platform or through payroll or automatic transfers. In addition, the system provides methods for receiving basic information and inquiring on basic credit card information. Credit Card Integration provides two levels. You can choose to view balances only or you can choose to view balances and apply payments online that are transmitted back to the credit card vendor.

Credit Card Integration provides the following features and benefits:
  • Permits viewing of credit card information.
  • Accepts credit card payments using teller platform, automatic transfers or payroll allocations. Members can specify the day of each month and the amount for the automatic monthly payments to credit card vendors.
  • Members can make payments via Home Banking.
  • Allows the use of information for report writing purposes.
  • Provides automatic movement of information on delinquent credit card accounts into Collections.
  • Provides online credit card account number cross-reference capability.
  • Supports multiple credit card vendors.
  • Automates daily payment file to credit card vendors.
  • Availability of information within CUBE enhances member service.

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